How it works

Twitch uses websockets for chat interaction and offers several http endpoints.


When you connect to websockets or use any http endpoint, the token you provided as a parameter in the "Usage" section is validated on Twitch servers. Validation occurs passively once an hour when needed as per the Twitch documentation, you don't have to do anything.

This validation step gives us a few additional parameters which become available on our instance making it easy to interact with services.

twitch.token; // token that was provided during instantiation
twitch.validatedAt; // time the token was validated
twitch.clientId; // your client id
twitch.login; // your username
twitch.userId; // your user id

If you want you can trigger validatation manually.

await twitch.validate();
// user information has been populated

await twitch.isValidated();
// user information was populated within the last hour or now is